2 ans

9 mois


CH Gatchells Man of Honour -A-

CH Golmas Governor

Marjamez my Guy at Rossgilde

Golmas Gracen Favour

CH Gatchells Royal Orchid

CH Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood

CH Gatchells Maid for Music



CH Tweednous Gambol -B-

CH Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash    -B-

CH Ritzilyn Cockney robin 8-6

Stanroph Spring Breeze at Beeangee 6-5

CH.Penny Lane of the Morning Valley -B-

CH Garbank Lislone Jackpot -B-

Majik Maid Marian -B-

15-01-11 -  HD/C1 - ED 0/0 - Yeux OK

3 mois


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